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Georgia's coast is amazing! 


We have 1/3 of the salt marsh on the Atlantic coast - 100 miles of coastline and thousands of miles of tidal waterways. Much of this rich ecosystem is protected or undeveloped and there are many beautiful and interesting places to explore.

  • Maybe you want a relaxed skiff or kayak cruise through the winding salt marsh creeks to photograph and learn a bit of natural history?

  • Or to explore an undeveloped barrier island by hiking across tall storm- event sand dunes and maritime forest to walk and explore on a pristine beach?

  • To duck under Spanish moss as your kayak glides soundlessly through huge thousand-year-old bald cypress trees in a blackwater swamp?

  • To explore, experience and learn about the fascinating natural and human history on Ossabaw Island?

  • Or…you tell us!


Savannah Coastal EcoTours specializes in custom powerboat and kayak tours for your private group. Our tours generally start from Isle of Hope, only 15 minutes from downtown Savannah and a great destination itself, with antebellum homes and beautiful live oaks lining Bluff Drive by the Skidaway River. Check out the Moon River District to learn more about our area and other cool things to do while you’re out this way. 

 Captain Fran & Kathryn Lapolla

Captain Fran Lapolla, USCG licensed Master, operates small boats for the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and acts as part-time on-island naturalist and host for The Ossabaw Island Foundation. Fran spent 35 years as a high school science teacher and 7 years as a marine educator and boat captain at UGA’s Marine Education Center on Skidaway Island.


Kathryn Lapolla is a Georgia native and an avid kayaker.  She is an ACA certified Level 2 instructor and has completed UGA’s coastal “master naturalist” course.


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